Personality: ENTP

Mental Illnesses: Insanity, Schizophrenia, Psychopathy

Biological Info

Species: Homomorpher

Race: Russian, Ranch Monkey, Dumb Bitch

fuck you

"POSTAL PEOPLE ARE INSANE......I PISS ON EVERY COP I SEE; this isn't acab related i enjoy pissing on people in postal" - Euno

Euno is a Clinically Insane Majima kinning piss fetishist. They are known for their over the top and strange insults which usually include, murder, cannibalism or torture. They show up in many places, making it hard to escape from their verbal abuse. They are one of the 2 creators and original members of the yakuza kin asylum and even recruited other users to be part of their sick game. Some of his notable Acheivements are being 97% degrader and 98% sadistic on a bdsm test. He is simultaneously an over the top, psychopathic "thing" with violent urges, known to be very hyperfocused on one idea at a time, yet can turn himself off and on like a switch, tending to be serious at times. It is implied that Euno is slowly thinking of himself as inhuman. Most of the time, his words can disturb people to a grotesque way.

Being a homomorpher, Euno takes on multiple forms usually being those of their kins. He is mostly depicted with waist length hair and sharp claws. Most of the time, it's implied that he has six wings on his head, resembling a seraph.
Euno's Note; i will never love piss. you addin' that in just provokes me to cause more harm upon you. i'm writin' this to ya to let ya know, you'll never be safe. as you're readin' this, i'm lookin at you outside. but i bet ya have looked over your window to check. no. there are cameras inside your room, and i have been watchin' everythin' ya do. just so ya know, if you ever feel stupid or weak or powerless, just remember, that i, am not. and i am out there, very dangerous and i am lookin' for ya. good luck. i want people to know that i will forever be insane, at any time, any moment. i want people to know that i am a menace to society, and that i have a special charm of my own. i want people to know that i will be always looking everywhere you go, everything you do. i will always be one step ahead, both physically and mentally.